Tips to win by betting in sports:

a)      Know everything about your sport: Before you begin to bet it is recommended that you learn your sport inside out. You have to understand which teams are playing well and the teams that are appearing to play well. Don’t merely go by a teams will percentage or win streak. Learn everything from the sport, to the sports managers to every individual player strategies too. Only when you have a 360 degree understanding of what is happening, you will be able to make a proper mark with your betting. These are some of the crucial details that one needs to know before they set out to bet in sports.

b)      Favourites don’t win all the time: You have to understand that the favourites don’t guarantee a win at all times. There are millions of such examples to quote. You have to be able to able to first understand the streaks and stats of the favourite and then you need to understand who the opponent is and what are the odds. This will help you get a clearer picture of why you shouldn’t always go with the bookie and that favourites need not always win.

c)      Don’t go by one bookmaker: When you go shopping, you look around and much like that you shouldn’t just take one bookmakers word for granted. Trust is a huge factor in the betting business. Every bookmaker will showcase several numbers in order to try and lure you into betting with them but you really need to thoroughly understand who is a doing the better job. Loyalty schemes, pricing offers and discounts are used to grab the attention of the bettors. Find out the various offers that are provided by several different bookmakers. You might find one that is very attractive and one that perfectly suits your interest too.

d)     Lesser selections, better chances: Even though it such an obvious thing, bettors oversee it most of the time. You don’t have to be a genius to understand this point. The lesser the selections the more chances you will have of winning your bet. Always remember the rule of thumb which is that if you want to make big money, bet small. Bookies lose a lot of money thinking big instead of going after the more comprehensive strategy of betting on lesser selections. Hence, the lesser the number of selections the more are your chances.


Don’t bet if you are not ready to do so. A lot of times bettors go for the bet in sports even though they didn’t feel like it. They simply place their bets because they watched others doing it. Remember to pick your moment and only then you will truly be able to do fair justice to your bets. Another final key aspect of sports betting is that low profile sports pay up more. The list of sports is never-ending. Go after the more unpopular ones or the ones beginning to gain popularity. This will give you a head start in comparison to others in the business of betting.