Are you a die-hard fan of sports betting? Do you spend most of your time in betting on football? All the sports lovers must be nodding their heads and saying a big Yes to these questions. However, many a times you must have got confused with those ‘if’ and ‘reverse’ bets, isn’t’ it? Do not worry! It is not just you, as there are bunches of many people sitting there who do not have a clear understanding of both these types of bets. This piece of writing talks about the meaning of both these bets and explains what actually they are about. Go on reading further to gain more knowledge about these bets.

All About ‘If’ Bets

While talking about ‘if’ bets, it simply refers to two straight bets. This is quite similar to parlay, as here you cannot decide later whether you want to place the second bet or not. In any case, you will have to place both the bets. For instance, if you have bet on team A and it wins then you will have to bet the same amount on the second team also. Here, two games are going off at alternate times when you bet double on the second team when the first team wins the event. It is true that you hardly hold any control when it comes to ‘if’ bet, as you have no liberty to decide about the second bet and are bound to place bet on both. In addition to this, you must also know that most of the bookmakers do not offer the opportunity to fill in the second game later when the two games start at two different timings. In the initial stage only, you will have to designate both the teams.

An Insight into ‘Reverse’ Bets

In easy terms, you can call ‘reverse’ bet as two separate ‘if’ bets. In this type of bet, you are simply not bound to state both the bets. You can make it clear to the bookmaker that you want to play a ‘reverse’ bet. According to this bet, when both the teams win, the result is almost the same like you have played only one ‘if’ bet. However, if both the teams will lose, the consequences will be the same. The difference in the result is highlighted when both the teams split.

The Bottom Line

The bettors place the ‘if’ bets and parlays when they are not left with any other choice or they are betting co-dependent propositions. However, in parlays, the bettor has the benefit of increasing parlay odds when it comes to combined bets. Both ‘if’ and ‘reverse’ can be turned better than parlay is on the factor of 72% win rate. It can be explained further as two combinations offers you two chances of winning and you need to win only one of these because both have independent expectation. Thus, ‘if/reverse’ can be a better option than plating parlays.

Once you have attained complete knowledge about both these bets, you will not face any issues while placing bets.